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A Gurukul is a type of ancient Hindu school in India that is residential in nature with the shishyas or students and the guru or teacher living in close proximity, many a time within the same house. The shishya learns from the guru and also helps the guru in his day- to- day life, including the carrying out of mundane chores such as washing clothes, cooking, etc., The guru- shishya parampara is a hallowed tradition in Hinduism.

We all know how the upcoming time would be! The upcoming time is not ours but it is of the children. That’s what we call the future of the children, and every parent expects their children future to be bright & successful. That’s why Param Pujya Shreeji Swami and Param Pujya Ram Swami had decided to start a Gurukul with Higher Education School. With the holy blessings of Lord Swaminarayan and with the blessing support of Param Pujya Maharaj  Shree Tejendraprasad  and  Param Pujya Maharaj Shree Kaushalendraprasad  the Gurukul and School  started in November of 1997 at Hathijan just nearby Ahmedabad.


Param Pujya Shreeji Swami and Param Pujya Ram Swami both have long vision for society and educational sector. They think that in this world of almighty God, children are the most innocent creation! We need to stand by them with all the grace and respect to understand their growth and make it easy for them. Education is the main reason behind the social, financial success of the student. It’s the responsibility of the teachers of the Gurukul to explore the abilities of the student and to improve his educational skills. All the parents and the teachers expect their children & students to do well in all the aspects of the life i.e., education, professional and social and we know it better than anyone else.

“The future of India is being developed in the classrooms”. The future citizens of India should get the best education and best cultural education to become a disciplined citizen of the country is what we aim at Shreeji Image Public School.

At Gurukul teacher-student relation signifies a unique bond of knowledge, respect, culture, tradition and moral exchange. When a child comes into our fold, we help him to know himself and find an identity of his own, of a proud Gurukulite. Here learning is an enjoyable experience and not a burden which continues and persists throughout his schooling. Our education process prepares the child to face life and its pressures without giving up the inherent goodness. It’s an education beyond books which nurtures the child to take his own decisions of life in all spheres.

Why choose


The spiritual thing is, in history Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan visited at village Hathijan and after that when he started journey for village Kanbha, he stayed on this land under the Mango Tree. So this land is so spiritual and holy that this land is donated by the village people for this great work.

Then another thing is, Hathijan is nearby Ahmedabad city but there were so poor educational facilities in Hathijan and surrounding villages.  

  • Swaminarayan Vidhyadham is running school from Std.1 st to 12 th. Students of Hathijan and surrounding villages are getting benefit of this higher education.
  • Swaminarayan Vidhyadham is running Gurukul for students of Std. 4 th to Graduation level.
  • Swaminarayan Vidhyadham has started Shree Bramhanand BBA/PGDBM College last year with a great step in Distance Education, keeping in mind the need of the students of surrounding areas


The Gurukul system of education is the oldest on our planet, tracing its roots back 10,000 years to the time of ancient civilization and dedicated to the highest ideals of all-round human development: physical, mental and spiritual. 

At Shree Swaminarayan Vidhyadham, all the aspects of one's personality are developed utilizing an integrated curriculum that empowers the student to know oneself and develop the confidence and empathy to utilize knowledge for serving the society. Gurukul encompasses intellectual cognitive abilities but extends it to include the development of intuition, aesthetics and a futuristic and ecological perspective based on universal outlook.

Today, Shree Swaminarayan Vidhyadham is a revival of that ancient tradition, offering a blending of occidental analytical approach and oriental synthetic knowledge. Gurukul is an institution dedicated to innovative research and human resource development.

  • To provide a sound and conducive environment for students for their physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual well being.
  • To establish and maintain schools and special academic institutions around the world as well as a cyber university.
  • To initiate teacher education programs to improve and upgrade the quality of education on all academic levels.
  • Establish an advance technology for individuals and implement these values in the management of projects, schools and institutions.
  • To support Educational Projects and community projects .
  • To facilitate the good education for society and cultures to help build meaningful relationships and to support community and social change projects.
  • To encourage the students, sustainability of educational activity as well as social service projects